Revolts Before the Revolution — Part II: The North Carolina Regulators

Governor Tryon and the Regulators; engraving by A. Bollet Co. Source: Wikipedia
Royal Governor of N. Carolina, William Tryon confronts the Regulators; engraving by A. Bollet Co. Source: Wikipedia

[This is the second in a series of articles on pre-Revolutionary America, which was far more prone to class inequities and conflict than we are often told in standard accounts of the colonial period. Part I of this series can be read here]

Season Five of Starz network’s long running tv series Outlander, based on the books of Diana Gabaldon, brings viewers into the time of the “Regulator Movement,” an uprising of western North Carolina backcountry small farmers against eastern, coastal elites who they felt were oppressing them in…

Shame of the Nation: The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre in Historical Context

Hiroshima 1945? No, Tulsa, Oklahoma 1921. Americans did this to other Americans. Why? Source: Google Images
Hiroshima 1945? No, Tulsa, Oklahoma 1921. Americans did this to other Americans. Why? Source: Google Images

With the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre upon us, I’ve heard a lot of discussion about it on shows like Democracy Now! but not as much detail as I would have liked on the background of this shameful episode in American history and exactly what triggered it. So, I decided to dig further myself, picking up a copy of journalist Tim Madigan’s, 2001 book, The Burning: The Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921, re-released this year with a new afterward.

Early on, Madigan tells us:

Not long…

Marxist analysts, like those at the World Socialist Website, would tell you what Pelosi and Biden really mean when they say we "need a strong Republican Party," is we need a viable right-wing of the two corporate controlled major party duopoly to hold the system together and prevent something more radical from arising on both the left and right. Trouble is the radicalization on the right has now happened in the form of Trumpism and its' not going anywhere.

Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory: How the Allies Botched the Opening Round of WW II in Western Europe

Map Showing German Invasions of Denmark and Norway and Subsequent Allied Counter-invasion of Norway — April-June 1940 — Source: Google Images
Map Showing German Invasions of Denmark and Norway and Subsequent Allied Counter-invasion of Norway — April-June 1940 — Source: Google Images

After watching Atlantic Crossing , a Norwegian produced miniseries on the experience of Norway in World War II and the very close (and possibly romantic) relationship between Crown Princess Martha and FDR, I decided to revisit the often overlooked first campaign of the war in the West. I have previously written about the myths and misconceptions surrounding Hitler’s subsequent invasion of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Northern France but the Danish-Norwegian campaign has its share of those as well.


The Last Inauguration the U.S. Had Like This Year’s

First Inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln, March 4, 1861 — Source: Google Images
First Inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln, March 4, 1861

In late 1859, Abraham Lincoln, then a failed U.S. Senate candidate, who had also served one term in Congress ten years earlier, embarked upon an anti-slavery speaking tour in the Kansas Territory. Though the violence had pretty much ended by then, Kansas had been the site of miniature version of the great conflagration that was to come. There were two different territorial capitals, Lecompton and Lawrence/Topeka, two different constitutions (the anti-slavery Topeka Constitution and pro-slavery Lecompton Constitution), and two different legislatures, the so-called “bogus legislature” in Lecompton and the anti-slavery body…

Former AEI President Christopher DeMuth Says Electoral College Saved the 2020 Election — Not So Fast, Chris

Source: Google Images

In the January 8th edition of the Wall St Journal, conservative lawyer, former Reagan administration official and American Enterprise Institute president, Christopher DeMuth informed readers that, “The Electoral College Saved” the 2020 presidential election and that it had proved its “ democratic value.”

Right out of the gate, DeMuth hyperbolically takes aim at,” Scholars, pundits and progressives,” who, “widely despise the Electoral College,” as if they were the only ones who have been critical of the institution. What he conveniently, or perhaps lazily…

Unity and Healing for Everyone!…Except Progressive Democrats, BLM and Socialists

Source: Google Images

Last week leaked audio of remarks made by Virginia Representative Abigail Spanberger, while on a House Democratic Caucus conference call caused something of a stir. The gist I got through the media-land ether was that she said calls to “defund the police” and the fact that some Democratic office holders refer to themselves as “democratic-socialists,” had ruined the Democrats’ chances to increase congressional majorities and had even cost several Democratic House members their seats. This charge was echoed by South Carolina Rep Jim Clyburn and others. But I decided to…

Himmler Would Have Been Proud: Allegations that ICE officers used torture to force Cameroonian asylum seekers to sign their own deportation orders

Source: Google Images

On Thursday October 22, The Guardian reported that US immigration officers allegedly tortured Cameroonian asylum seekers to force them to sign their own deportation orders, in what lawyers and activists describe as a brutal last ditch effort to get them out of the country before the presidential election. …

Written Out of History: The GI Movement Against the Vietnam War

Source: Google Images

In September 2020, President Donald Trump attacked “left-wing indoctrination in our schools” and proposed to counter it with a commission to restore “patriotic education” or in other words, to promote and reinforce the more traditional indoctrination that is already prevalent in American schools and universities. Former war correspondent, journalist and author, Chris Hedges, describes how it works during an August 23rd interview with Professor James W. Loewen on his RT Network show, On Contact (worth watching in its entirety).

The teaching of history in our schools is not an…

Maybe It Should Really Be Called Pinzon Day

Statue of Martin Alonso Pinzon in Palos de Frontera, Spain — Source: Google Images
Statue of Martin Alonso Pinzon in Palos de Frontera, Spain — Source: Google Images

Leaving aside, for a moment, the question of whether Christopher Columbus should be honored with a celebration day at all (and for the record, I’m sympathetic to the idea of replacing it either with Indigenous Peoples’ Days or a day to honor other more worthy Italians), there is an interesting and highly significant aspect of his story that is usually left out.

In 1990, as the 500th anniversary of Columbus first crossing of the Atlantic approached, Spain built replicas of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria with the the intention of recreating…

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Al Ronzoni is a writer, historian and political activist based in New York City

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